A Fresh Catch is Yours in Ocracoke

The waters surrounding Ocracoke Island have always yielded the best tasting seafood, so whether you’d like to bait your own hook, enjoy the local daily catch in one of our restaurants or stop by one of our fresh retail markets and throw some filets on the grill at your rental cottage on the island, the fish lover in you will be satisfied.


Ocracoke Fresh

If you happen to be at one of our local restaurants, like Daijo or the Flying Melon, look for the “Ocracoke Fresh” logo.  Fishing is big industry in Ocracoke and the Ocracoke Watermen’s Association is proud of what they do and how they do it.  The organization is made up of local fishermen, clammers, crabbers and oystermen who stand by the premise of preserving the integrity and stability of the environment, fishing by hand.  As they say…“Caught today the traditional way”.

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Want to buy some fresh seafood?

Ocracoke’s daily catch is brought to local fish markets. There is no factory processing involved.  Stop by the Ocracoke Seafood Company.  Enjoy knowing who caught your fish by some of the best in the world.  These men’s fishing methods have been passed from generation to generation, and it’s a matter of love and pride.

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One of the founding families on Ocracoke in the tradition of the watermen is the O’Neal’s, whose family has been living on the island for generations.  Stop by and see Farris & Chrissy at Native Seafood.  Pick up some bacon wrapped oysters, a few filets of fresh mahi-mahi and enjoy an evening outdoors grilling!

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Enjoy a boat to table dining experience

Check out a complete listing of our restaurants serving fresh caught seafood for lunch and dinner.

Curious about a day’s catch?

If you’ve got an afternoon free, maybe you are back from the beach hanging out in the Village – grab a refreshment and head down to Anchorage Marina in the afternoons around 3pm.  Usually you can see some boats coming in with their catch of the day.

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Charter your own boat or head out on the beach

Ocracoke’s fishing scene will capture the heart of any sport fishermen.  Check out a list of Ocracoke’s charter boats, tackle shops and marinas here.   The Ocracoke Guide is another resource and has information on how to get a permit to drive on the beach.

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