Please Drive Slowly

When you enter the village, drive slowly. The speed limit is 20 mph village-wide. There are no sidewalks, which makes the village streets narrow. They are shared with cats, dogs, ducks, pedestrians, bicycles, skateboarders, and golf carts.

Then Forget Your Car

Park at your destination, unpack, and forget about the car for the rest of your time here. You can easily walk, bike, or golf cart around the village. Shops and restaurants have limited parking.

Consider A Golf Cart

Golf carts are one of the easiest, eco-friendly ways to get around the village. But please remember, they are vehicles, and with that there are some rules. Golf carts are not allowed beyond Howard’s Pub at the edge of the village nor on the paved path that begins north of Howard’s Pub and ends at the National Park Service campground. Golf cart drivers must be 16 or older. Children under 16 cannot sit on a parent’s lap and hold the wheel. This can result in a fine.

Don’t Pass On The Right

Passing on the right is an offense with a $250 fine.

Walk Facing Traffic

This is because there are no sidewalks. Facing traffic is the safest way to travel as a pedestrian. Since there are no streetlights on the island, everyone is encouraged to carry a light after sunset—to see and be seen.

Know Your Address

If you are staying at a rental house or cottage, know the street name and house number should you need emergency assistance. The local emergency responders don’t know the house names of all of the rental units. So, learn your address while here.

Pick Up After Your Dog

While there is no leash law, Hyde County does have an ordinance requiring that owners clean up after their pets.

Don’t Litter

Please do not toss your trash out of the golf cart or car window. Glass and metal recyclables (separated) can be taken to the dump.

Get The Proper Permits

Driving on the beach requires a permit.
Building a fire on the beach requires a permit.
Apply for an off-road vehicle permit here.
Apply for a free beach fire permit here.

Public Restrooms

Public restrooms can be found at the National Park Service visitor center and the Lifeguard Beach parking lot. There are port-o-lets at the Island Inn property Tram Stop #2.

No Fireworks

Fireworks of any kind are prohibited on Ocracoke Island. That includes sparklers.

Lights Out

If you want to see even more of the Milky Way, please turn off outside lights at night. Turning off lights will also reduce mosquito visits.